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A Personalized Experience

From our modern, state-of-the-art vehicle installation and fabrication shop in Spokane, WA, Hazzard FabWorx has been serving offroaders, truck enthusiasts, and racers across the nation since 2009. Our staff has a thorough background in both automotive offroad and racing industries, and we regularly adopt the latest engineering innovations to truly deliver the very best modifications and custom enhancements for our clients. Unlike other offroad shops who merely bolt on a new part, our team has the capability to offer custom vehicle fabrication, as well as the ability to build custom parts. Whether you’re looking to outfit an ATV, SXS Truck, Jeep, or any other type of offroad vehicle, Hazzard FabWorx is your vehicle’s home away from home. Our motto is “We will pull your weeds if you pay our rate.” We are always open to helping out customers with whatever ideas they may have.

Unmatched Capability

At Hazzard FabWorx, our customers vehicles are built with 3 priorities in mind: quality, resilience, and safety. We have always provided unique custom builds, engine swaps, custom suspension installs, and many more for off-road vehicles all across the nation. Whether speed is your priority or you’re looking for stronger, rugged, all-terrain capability – or both – Hazzard FabWorx provides the perfect experience with professional care and attention to detail that is second to none.